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No showrooms? No problem. How Maker & Son is building a furniture brand on the road

Episode Summary

Alex Willcock and Felix Conran of the buzzy furniture brand Maker & Son share their story

Episode Notes

Alex Willcock and Felix Conran are the father-and-son team behind the direct-to-consumer furniture brand Maker & Son. Founded in the UK in 2018, the company has grown quickly with an unorthodox approach. Its core product is a pillowy sofa that retails for over $10,000, and rather than brick-and-mortar showrooms, Maker & Son relies on a fleet of decorated vans that will visit potential customers in person. On this episode of the podcast, Willcox and Conran chat with host Dennis Scully about whether sustainability and the value of craftsmanship are finally connecting with consumers, their unique approach to marketing, and how they’re using a surprisingly sophisticated tech operation to make data driven decisions in an old-school industry.

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